​Hi, I’m Ashleigh, Mamma to the two crazies above.

      In case you’re interested, here is a little bit about me; 26 years young. Almost always happily married to the handsome man above. He has the ability to make me unbelievably infuriated one minute and laugh till it hurts the next.​ Owner of one completely bonkers dog. Have 5 questionably pathetic sized tattoos. (Am working my way up to getting a ‘real’ one sometime in the distant future).

      An embarrassingly large lover of Harry Potter. Play Stephen Fry on loop. Came 3rd in the local HP quiz – winning. HP tattoo here I come. ​Can no longer do up the buttons on any of my trousers, but continue to wear them without the button (and zip) done up, in a desperate attempt to ignore the fact that I have in fact gone up a trouser size.

      Would love to live by the seaside, beach walks make me happy.

      Drink lots of gin, I blame the kiddos.

      Am a huge family gal. Love my Mamma and Papa more than I can say and spend most Sundays over at their house, winding my Ma up as much as I possibly can.​

      Think we’re a match? Have a look at some more of my work, then get in touch!