Chloe & Dale ⁣
      Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa

      March 30, 2019

      Chloe & Dale said their I do’s at the gorgeous Pennyhill Park Hotel. This was my first wedding at Pennyhill and it did not disappoint. My lovely sister in law got me this gig (she’s the over photographed bridesmaid!), so I was familiar with Chloe before photographing her wedding, which is always a bonus. Chloe and Dale were completely and utterly lovely throughout their big day. I seem to get lucky with my chilled out brides – there was absolutely nothing high maintenance about Chloe and both her a Dale were happy to follow my lead. ⁣

      Chloe decorated the ceremony room beautifully, there were so many lovely little touches that perfected the whole room. The sun even put its hat on for us and it was warm – considering it was March and we’re in the UK! This was my first wedding with my new Sony (I’m usually a canon gal), the Sony was awesome and hopefully this shows in the shots that I got.⁣

      C&D – thank you for a fabulous day, now grab a glass of champagne and reminisce! xx⁣