​Hi, I’m Ashleigh, mama to the little monster above (plus a newbie) and wife to the stubborn, yet charming, man next to her – I’m the other one.

In case you’re interested, here is a little bit about me;

I’m 25 years young, I have been happily married to the handsome man above, for just over two years now. He can make me unbelievably infuriated one minute and laugh till it hurts the next. But on the whole, he’s my lobster.

Together we have two beautiful children (one of whom is new, surprise surprise we are yet to get a family photo – it’s coming)

​ Owner of one completely bonkers dog

Have 4 questionably pathetic sized tattoos. Am working my way up to getting a ‘real’ one sometime in the distant future. My very talented husband can in fact tattoo people – free tattoos for me!

An embarrassingly large lover of Harry Potter. Not only have I read them all more times than I’d care to admit, but also have the audio books playing on loop most of the time. A habit that drives my other half around the bend. HP tattoo here I come.

​Can no longer do up the buttons on any of my trousers, but continue to wear them without the button (and zip) done up in a desperate attempt to ignore the fact that I have in fact gone up a trouser size..

Am a huge family gal. Love my Mamma and Papa more than I can say and spend most Sundays over at their house, winding my ma up as much as I possibly can.

I have always had a passion for photography. For me, there is nothing more incredible than photographing those moments that make your heart melt. I want to capture your story, the love that you share, the laughs, the silliness that is you. So if you want to create something beautiful together, get in touch and lets tell your story!